Mission Statement 


  • We at GRAINLAND Cooperative will enhance the profitability of our patron owners by providing a financially sound and progressive company. 




  • To help patrons be aware of, appreciate, and promote their ownership in GRAINLAND Cooperative, we will provide prompt, courteous and friendly service, open communications and accessibility. 


  • To provide GRAINLAND Cooperative and our patrons with marketing alternatives and competitive bids, we will develop other market outlets and work with other cooperatives in the region to develop grain merchandising opportunities.


  • To keep GRAINLAND Cooperative sound and progressive, we will explore opportunities that may arise such as buy-outs, mergers, cheaper utilities, value added products, specialty grain contracts, or a business venture other than grain.  In addition to grain, we will continue to provide specialized services as long as there is sufficient demand.


  • To enhance harvest services to our patrons, and provide services at a competitive fee, we will upgrade grain-handling equipment to increase flow efficiency and grain quality.


  • To enhance marketing services to our patrons, we will offer a brokerage service, market education, and current market information.